Email from one of my clients

Received this email of one of my clients about: “how we are dealing with guilt and anxiety, and more important how we can solve it and release ourselves from this feeling .”


I want to say the most massive thank you because after all this time of feeling incredibly guilty over not giving my son a sibling, one conversation with you and I am now seeing things differently. I have no idea how you did it because I’ve had so many people try to relieve my guilt and have pretty much been told what you said before however it must be the way you worded it, hearing it from you or your general power of persuasion that actually had results! I didn’t notice in the moment that you had changed my thought process but realised that evening when I was walking the dogs that I suddenly felt some of the weight removed from my shoulders and truly understood that it really is just my belief system.


It’s as though you switched on my light bulb. I am obviously still upset with the situation and I think I will always be angry at myself for the self-infliction of it all however my main guilt and cause of distress was over thinking I was robbing my family of such a huge thing. Although I’d still love another child I am a lot more ok with the thought of it not happening.


I am in a bit of disbelief that you were able to change my thinking so quickly. You really have an amazing talent there!!! So thank you so very very much as I had a much better week after seeing you.

On that note I also don’t know the reason for it but you were also the one person I’ve been able to discuss my issues with without crying which I hate doing (and was scared I would) so thank you for whatever it is you do to talk about things in a non-upsetting way.


I’ve never been a public crier but I’ve been really emotional since everything happened. Since you’ve worked your magic I haven’t cried once.”


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christopher sneijders,     

"Morning Christopher!

I wanted to share with you that after Tuesday when I met with you I did fairly well. I had one light beer when i got to my parents house to pick up my girls and no more for that evening. I did take two Tramadol though as I was a bit on edge after meeting with you.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I drank nothing at all! but I did have two codiene in the morning as I had a bad neck ache and two cold and flu tablets (stimulant) as I was very tired and needed to get some work done.


I can now see that first step and I look so forward to continuing my therapy with you to becoming a healthy person for myself and my girls. So great after being not able to control myself and having everyday 6 drink now already to almost nothing 


have a good day!"

"I’ve been lucky enough to have Christopher recommended to me by one of his clients.  

I’d been to see mental health professionals before, but word of mouth is worth so much more.

From our first meeting he made me feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable  He was the first person to really listen to my problems, so it didn’t take long for me to feel I could trust him enough to open up and talk about my difficulties.


I’d felt embarrassed to talk about my worries before, unable to express my emotions and feelings, but Christopher is so intuitive and knowledgeable that I was able to open up to him without any embarrassment and shame.


It didn’t take long for me to realize I was in the right place.  Despite the pain and tears I sometimes experienced discussing my problems, I actually looked forward to seeing him.  It was always illuminating and of great value. 


I came away feeling full of confidence as he had given me another perspective on my issues.  Why didn’t I see it that way myself?  I was stuck in my frame of mind and couldn’t see the woods for the trees.


What makes Christopher different is his down-to-earth and practical insight.  I know my frame of mind is determined by my thoughts and he helped me to reconstruct them so that now, with this new perspective, I no longer dwell on the past.  I can finally leave the past in the past and move forward.


Thank you Christopher."

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