Sleeping Problems

The use of hypnotherapy and N L P  is an excellent way
to retrain the unconscious mind, and to learn again the good habits
that promote sleep.


Sleeping problems or insomnia

Would you like to be able to fall asleep easily?
Would you like to be able to stay asleep throughout the night?
Would you like to know how to cope if you wake in the middle of the night?
Would you like to learn to stop your thoughts racing at night?
Would you like to wake up feeling energised and refreshed?


Sleeping problems can be broken down into four main areas:


1.  Getting to sleep

2.  Staying asleep

3.  Broken sleep

4.  Don’t wake up top early


You may experience one or a combination of the above difficulties.


No matter how long you have experienced these problems, know that you CAN LEARN to have consistent, deep and refreshing sleep. 


Simple changes in your thinking and behaviour can make a significant positive impact on your quality of sleep.

Why do we have sleeping problems?

We could say that we have “2 minds”, the conscious and the subconscious or the automatic pilot that takes over when the conscious part is not aware. Sometimes by accident, not useful habits can be installed and learnt by the subconscious, and generally this is the cause of poor sleep patterns. 


There may have been a stressful time in your life, or a period of upset, or loss, resulting in disturbed sleep patterns. Generally, when the situation improves, sleep patterns will also improve again. 


But what can sometimes happen is that the subconscious has now learnt these bad habits, and poor sleep continues.

How to treat sleeping problems?

The good news is that no matter how many problems you have had with your sleep, good habits CAN be relearned.


The use of hypnotherapy and NLP is an excellent way to retrain the unconscious mind, and to learn again the good habits that promote sleep.


We will work on:


1.  Optimize your sleep environment

2.  Fixed the underpinning issues

3.  Teach you how to easily fall asleep

4.  Teach you what to do if you wake in the middle of the night.

5.  Allow you to quiet an overactive mind

6.  Improve the quality and duration of your sleep

7.  Encourage relaxation techniques which will also assist in a generally calmer self throughout the day.


You are at the right spot to find a solution, why? 

We train people to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist so they can help other people out in there addictions, anxiety, depression, weight issues and much more.



Christoffel Sneijders

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Coach

Christoffel Sneijders is a passionate hypnotherapist, and has been a trainer and coach  of other Hypnotherapists for last 25 years, giving him an extensive experience and a deep understanding about people and how to help them.

Besides that he is the owner and main teacher for the Recognised (advanced) Clinical Hypnotherapy diploma training, he is also Supervisor for all the Hypnotherapy Associations.


He has seen many people, who got stuck in their own behaviour and beliefs, trying to get help from a “normal” psychologist without result. This is how he discovered the power and effectiveness of clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. 



Prediction: between 2 and 4 sessions, depending on the individual



The investment is $225 for the first session and $200 for the others visits.

However, if you purchase 3 sessions upfront (the value $625) you will pay $575


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