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Set a date to stop smoking

1 January is approaching the date that is used most for people to start giving up bad habits.

Maybe you tried all many times so than maybe this is a good moment to not try it but do it.

Because you tried different methods probably and they did not work up to now and don’t we know that the one – size – fits – all therapy will not work for smokers, the same patches the same gum the same spray etc.. It does not matter what you hear from the commercials, everyone smokes for a different reason.

If you are lucky, smoking is just a habit, often in a social setting, and it can be easily broken. However, smoking is almost always a coping mechanism. Some form of relaxation, a break to clear the mind, to have some time for yourself, or it is just habit when you get in the car or after a meal. Those are the most common drivers for people to have a “smoke”.

But if you quit smoking without dealing with the stress or the rituals (after a meal, having a break, when you are bored etc.) you are more likely to come back to smoking down the track, or turn to something else (usually sugar) to alleviate the agitation. And we do not want to see you back for gaining weight ;-).

That is why personalised clinical hypnotherapy works so good.

We work in all levels of the habit or the addiction.

Do it now visit and order your personalised downloadable session.

Succes Christoffel