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Received this email of how we are dealing with guilt, and more important how we can solve it and release ourselves from this feeling .

I want to say the most massive thank you because after all this time of feeling incredibly guilty over my personal situation and my issue with IVF, one conversation with you and I am now seeing things differently. I have no idea how you did it because I’ve had so many people try to relieve my guilt and have pretty much been told what you said before however it must be the way you worded it, hearing it from you or your general power of persuasion that actually had results! I didn’t notice in the moment that you had changed my thought process but realised that evening when I was walking the dogs that I suddenly felt some of the weight removed from my shoulders and truly understood that it really is just my belief system. It’s as though you switched on my light bulb. You really have an amazing talent there!!! So thank you so very very much as I had a much better week after seeing you.

On that note I also don’t know the reason for it but you were also the one person I’ve been able to discuss my issues with without crying which I hate doing (and was scared I would) so thank you for whatever it is you do to talk about things in a non-upsetting way. Since you’ve worked your magic I haven’t cried once.