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Quit smoking with Hypnotherapy

What our patients say
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Pitifully, I have already too many times seen the smokers who had experienced negative physical and emotional moments after taking medication or using patches.


Stop smoking? For your health, money and self – esteem –  there is no better time to stop smoking and we have a proven successful way, we know how to do it for YOU!


Because we know that the one–size–fits–everybody therapy
won’t work for smokers.
It doesn’t matter what you hear, everyone smokes for a different reason.

If you are lucky, smoking is just a habit, often in a social setting, and it can be easily broken. However, smoking is almost always a coping mechanism. Some form of relaxation, a break, to clear the mind, to have some time for myself, or it is just  habit when I get in the car or have after a meal is the most common driver for people have a “smoke”.


If you quit smoking without dealing with the stress or the rituals (after a meal, having a break, when you are bored etc.) you are more likely to come back to smoking down the track, or turn to something else (usually sugar) to alleviate the agitation. And we don’t want to see you back for gaining weight ;-).

And maybe you already experienced how “hard” it is to break the habit, most smokers I see, tried before and came back to smoking again.

You are at the right spot to find a solution, why? 

I’m the trainer in West Australia for people who want to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist and want to be recognised by the Australian Hypnotherapist Associations.


Christoffel Sneijders

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Coach


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Just imagine that you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, 10 drags on each cigarette that means 20 x 10 is 200 hand to mouth movements every day. During one year that sums up to approximately 70.000 times. If you smoke already 20 years it means that you did already this hand mouth exercise 1.400.000 times!


What else did you do consistently more then 1,4 million times the last 20 years?
Except blinking your eyes, breathing, swallowing, walking and having your heart beating 60 time a minute. You are then extremely well trained and it is an ingrained habit. Just like you don’t think about blinking, you don’t think about breathing. You just do it. You don’t think about smoking. You just do it.


That why it can be hard to get away from the habit. And we can assist you with this.


We treat stop smoking with the purpose to address the underpinning issues that kept you smoking up to now. We deal with whatever sits with the smoking “rituals” and we give you something to replace them with.


All we need is your commitment and willingness to stop smoking for ever.

The good news is that although you might be dependent on the “drug”, we do not actually believe anyone is physically addicted to cigarettes, or indeed, any substance.

With our help, you will see how resourceful you really are.


Interested how your health will improve if you quit smoking? 

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Hypnotherapy Perth quit smoking treatment

Prediction: As said we offer a 2 hour session and 12 months FREE backup, so if you fall back to smoking in that year you can visit us without any charges!



And to be honest most people (more then 95%) just need one session to quit.



How it works? Upfront we send you a questionnaire to get familiar with your habits around smoking, why you like to quit, what is holding your back to quit, what you tried up to now, what made you start to smoke etc.


During the session we go through this list and work on the different aspect of being a smoker, and becoming a non-smoker like:


  1. You’re NOT addicted to nicotine.

  2. Smoking does not help you to relax.

  3. Smoking does not help you deal with stress.

  4. You DO have the willpower to quit.

  5. You can break the habits without the cravings.

  6. You can be a non-smoker for the rest of your life.​


The fee is $375 for the 2 hour session, including intake and with a 12 month free back-up! 

We are 6 days a week and after work hours there for you.

Located or in Perth CBD or Parmelia.


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