Controlling where emotions go

Anxiety or stress are the plague of our time
and is a significant factor in illness, chronic pain, poor decision making, relationship breakdowns and even early deaths.

Hynotherapy for Anxiety treatment

Are you experiencing Anxiety symptoms?


If you have trouble sleeping, are often irritated,
have a mind that will not shut down,
struggle with the pressure of different situations,
are having panic attacks,
or are on some sort of medication to calm you down…
People often think that stress or anxiety are just a natural part of life.
But they are not! And we can help to free yourself.
Hypnotherapy treatment for Anxiety, how does that work?
  • We teach you better ways to cope with panic attacks and anxiety attacks, pressure and we will show you how to diffuse them in less than a couple of minutes with using some simple techniques.

  • We clear the underlying build up of stress sitting just outside of your conscious awareness using hypnotherapy.

  • We teach how to deal with the “what if” questions, fear of failure, with perfectionism or other source causes for your anxiety.

  • We use a state of the art analysis questionnaire to identify the underlying triggers and patterns of your anxiety.

  • We provide you with homework or assignments to strengthen the new structures, thinking patterns and more. 




How long does an Anxiety treatment take?

In general we need between 2 and 5 hypnotherapy sessions, depending on the individual. The first treatment session will be 2 hours and the following two to four sessions 1.5 hours each. 

You are in the right place for help with Anxiety, 
we are using succesfully experienced based techniques that are unique for WA

Christoffel Sneijders

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Coach

Christoffel Sneijders is a passionate hypnotherapist, and has been a trainer and coach  of other Hypnotherapists for last 25 years, giving him an extensive experience and a deep understanding about people and how to help them.

Besides that he is the owner and main teacher for the Recognised (advanced) Clinical Hypnotherapy diploma training, he is also Supervisor for all the Hypnotherapy Associations.


He has seen many people, who got stuck in their own behaviour and beliefs, trying to get help from a “normal” psychologist without result. This is how he discovered the power and effectiveness of clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. 


Hypnotherapy is for me a kind of lifestyle and mission. It gives me a lot of satisfaction and makes my life and the life of others more valuable and richer, at least in my own eyes.” 


Client review

My experience with hypnotherapy for Anxiety treatment

"I want to say the most massive thank you because after all this time of feeling incredibly guilty over my personal situation … one conversation with you and I am now seeing things differently.


Read the full review from one of my clients: "Dealing with guilt and anxiety".



Most clients I see  1 - 3 time to have their anxiety solved :-) 


The investment is $225 for the first session and $200 for the others visits.


First half an hour of the first session is a free consultation and if you want to proceed:


However, if you purchase 3 sessions upfront (the value $625) you will pay $575