Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Hypnotherapy for Post traumatic stress disorder



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a severe condition
that may develop after a person has been exposed to one or more traumatic events,
such as sexual assault, serious injury or the threat of death.

The diagnosis may be given when a group of symptoms such as disturbing recurring flashbacks, avoidance or numbing of memories of the event, and hyper arousal (high levels of anxiety) continue for more than a month after the traumatic event.


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Signs and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):


If you recognizesome some familiar symptoms, like:


  • Sleep disorders (nightmares)

  • Violence

  • Relationships issues

  • Re-experiencing the traumatic event (flashbacks)

  • Avoiding reminders of the trauma

  • Increased anxiety and emotional arousal


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If you recognizesome familiar experiences from your life, like:


  • war

  • natural disasters

  • car or plane crashes

  • violent crimes (rape, murder, physical abuse)

  • experience or witnessing a stress or event involving death or serious injury

  • situation in which you felt intense fear, horror, or powerless

  • if you are an emergency service worker (policeman, firefighter, medical rescue, nurse, soldier)

  • bullying

  • mobbing


Causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

How does Hypnotherapy for PTSD work

  1. We immediately install powerful stress reduction patterns.

  2. Disconnection of the memory with the emotion connected with that memory, so that you can reduce the “old” reactions to the common triggers.

  3. Identifying each trigger and install an other repsonse, so that you experience more control over the situations in your life.

  4. Hypnotherapy that goes even deeper into individual memories to see if other, previous stressful events are adding fuel to the PTSD wildfire. 


How long does a Hypnotherapy Weight loss Program take?


In general we need between 2 and 5 hypnotherapy sessions, depending on the individual. The first PTSD hypnotherapy session is 2 hours and the rest 1.5 hours each.

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Christoffel Sneijders

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Coach

Christoffel Sneijders is a passionate hypnotherapist, and has been a trainer and coach  of other Hypnotherapists for last 25 years, giving him an extensive experience and a deep understanding about people and how to help them.

Besides that he is the owner and main teacher for the Recognised (advanced) Clinical Hypnotherapy diploma training, he is also Supervisor for all the Hypnotherapy Associations.


He has seen many people, who got stuck in their own behaviour and beliefs, trying to get help from a “normal” psychologist without result. This is how he discovered the power and effectiveness of clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. 



Hypnotherapy is for me a kind of lifestyle and mission. It gives me a lot of satisfaction and makes my life and the life of others more valuable and richer, at least in my own eyes.” 


Client review

My experience with hypnotherapy for PTSD treatment

My husband used to work as a volunteer fire fighter. I do not know exactly how his job looked like and what he saw and experienced. I know how the impact of that on our family was...


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Prediction: between 1 and 4 sessions, depending on the individual


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