Weight Loss

If the psychological reasons for overeating are not addressed,
it is unlikely that the weight will stay off in the long term.

How to lose weight fast?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

The patients I see, have tried on numerous diets


The result:   Weight comes off  –  weight goes back on


Does it sound familiar to you?



To be succesfull in losing weight, it is more
about changing your way of living
and what you think and act accordingly to what is really
important for you.


The Causes of weight gain or obesity

Most of the times, we are perfectly aware about what we do to create the weight issues.


The 3 main reasons based on the experience of “the biggest loser house“:


  1. Your portions are too big.

  2. You’re not an “intentional” eater, you eat in between and the “wrong” stuff.

    • reason for this could be: emotional eating, or being bored or it is just there for the kids,.. 

  3. You’re getting older.


Read the article about: 3 reasons you may not be losing weight

They do not work for several reasons:


  • Diets only target one piece of the weight loss puzzle.

  • People get quickly bored with strictly counting calories or having special meals, so the weight loss is temporary.

  • Feelings of deprivation tend to trigger bounce back overeating, and as result the weight lost quickly comes back on. 

  • Commercial diets and schemes are designed to keep you coming back, encouraging a mindset of dependence. They earn on your desire for weight loss. 

  • Dieats are not the normal way of liveng, so the moment we stop we go back to what was "Normal" before.  

If eating is out of control, food can become an addiction just like any other addictive behaviour
(e.g alcohol, drugs, gambling etc.)




Why do Weight loss Diets NOT work?

Many of you can relate to how many diets you have started, failed, hated, and started again, only to feel driven to eat compulsively again.


The NUMBER 1 reason which occurs with any addiction, eating included is the need to fill an emotional emptiness. Eating can be used to cover the emotions such as anger, loneliness, anxiety, hurt etc. and no amount of eating can fill this emotional void.


To read a “nice” example of how this emotional thought can be installed, have a look at this article: When your mother says she is fat.

How does Hypnotherapy work for

weight loss

Using hypnotherapy
I will help to re-educate your unconscious mind with a new, healthier belief system.
It’s all about you, and enabling you to take control over how you eat,
how you perceive food and how you want live your life.

We address the root cause of overeating, and dive into the solution with some help from hypnotherapy.

Together we decide on an individual weight loss program that works best for you.


This may include any of the following:


  • Target and eliminate the underlying need or emotional factors that are fuelling eating.

  • Explore and neutralise any relevant past issues if needed.

  • Change unconscious and sometimes irrational beliefs about food and weight.

  • Address any negative body image (or self esteem issues) that contributes to a weight problem.

  • Reduce immediate food cravings and obsessions.

  • Target future situations that may trigger overeating.

  • Learn to manage daily stress in more comfortable ways.

  • Increase motivation for moderate eating and increased exercise.

In general we need between 2 and 5 hypnotherapy sessions, depending on the individual. The first weight loss hypnotherapy session is 2 hours and the rest 1.5 hours each.

How long does a Hypnotherapy Weight loss Program take?

You are in the right place for help with Weight Loss

Christoffel Sneijders

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Coach

Christoffel Sneijders is a passionate hypnotherapist, and has been a trainer and coach  of other Hypnotherapists for last 25 years, giving him an extensive experience and a deep understanding about people and how to help them.

Besides that he is the owner and main teacher for the Recognised (advanced) Clinical Hypnotherapy diploma training, he is also Supervisor for all the Hypnotherapy Associations.


He has seen many people, who got stuck in their own behaviour and beliefs, trying to get help from a “normal” psychologist without result. This is how he discovered the power and effectiveness of clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. 



Hypnotherapy is for me a kind of lifestyle and mission. It gives me a lot of satisfaction and makes my life and the life of others more valuable and richer, at least in my own eyes.” 


Client review

My experience with hypnosis for Weight loss treatment


Email from David G., dated the 10th of June:




“I think that I have done well since the first time I have seen you which was the 12th April and I was only able to walk for about 5mins at a time and now I am walking for 1 hour plus and doing 5 km plus and I have lost around 12 kg, and I don’t drink coca cola anymore.




Once again thank you so much!”




First half an hour of the first session is a free consultation and if you want to proceed:


The investment is $225 for the first session and $200 for the others visits.


First half an hour of the first session is a free consultation and if you want to proceed:


However, if you purchase 3 sessions upfront (the value $625) you will pay $575

Call us now to make an appointment, the first half hour is a FREE consultation.