Diploma clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy


– A Perth based training organisation with the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Training in Western Australia with the RECOGNITION  of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association (AHA) and the Australian Society of clinical Hypnotherapist (ASCH) .


So that means you could become member of the largest and oldest Hypnotherapy Association’s of Australia.


– After the training and the exam you will receive your




– You can start your own practice as Clinical Hypnotherapist


– You can apply for membership with the professional Hypnotherapist bodies. (“Graduates are eligible for AHA professional membership subject to meeting AHA membership requirements”, click on this link for more information AHA) or join the ASCH.


– 22 Training Days (face-to -face) in 5 months (6 blocks), every 4 weeks 4 consecutive days of training and the last block will be 2 days.


– The total programme (inclusive real life assignments, home work, study) is around 850 hours just to deliver you the best.


– In the time in-between  you will have th opportunity do your homework and assignments






The Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur magazine as being among the top ten career choices cites hypnotherapy for the 21st Century. Because of the escalating cost of health care, people are looking for alternatives to expensive, long-term therapies.




but can create long lasting changes in a short time. For this reason, many mental & health care practitioners are adding hypnotherapy to their education. Transformational Hypnotherapy is the state-of-the-art hypnosis technology. People take this training for many reasons, including personal growth, adding tools to an existing therapy practice, or beginning a new career in the healing arts.






Wall street Journal article: Medical Hypnosis: you are getting very healthy 








The program of the Hypnotherapy Training embraces:


  • Hypnotherapy

  • Psychotherapy

  • Ethics

  • Counselling

  • Building own practice

  • Body and Mind, Holistic Health


Among our Trainers:


  • Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapist

  • Psychologist

  • Trainer and coach

  • Chiropractor

  • General Practitioner

  • MultiMedia and Marketing Professional



Why to choose this Hypnotherapy training?



  1. Our program covers all topics you need to become effective and efficient clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist

  2. We are focused on preparing you to really solve the issues of your patients.

  3. We teach methods that are unique in West Australia, based on the latest research and leading therapist in the world.

  4. We will not provide only lectures but a lot of hands-on knowledge and tools.

  5. We are trained to be trainers and we have extended experience with the ability of sharing our knowledge by practices and your active participation in all training courses.

  6. We are prepared and dedicated to assist in your learning process not only during the courses but also via Skype discussions and conferences.

  7. We will provide you with the best learning material.

  8. We are prepared and dedicated to help you with your own issues as the part of the training.

  9. We believe that utilizing your knowledge and experience in the training will be beneficial for everyone.

  10. All techniques will be demonstrated and you will have enough time to practice them. You will also benefit from the constructive feedback, which is an essential element of learning process.

  11. We strongly believe that professional ethics are the fundamental basics of any relation with patient so we will demonstrate this to you through our own behaviour during the training.

  12. We believe that practice is as much important or even more than the theories so we work in small groups in order to ensure you as much time for practice as possible.




The next Hypnotherapy Training in 2015


A total of 22 face-to-face training days in 5 months (6 blocks), every 4 weeks 4 consecutive days of training (Friday afternoon – Monday afternoon) and the last block will be 2 days.


I weekend: 13th – 16th March


II weekend: 17th – 20th April


III weekend: 22nd – 25th May


IV weekend: 19th – 22nd June


V weekend:   24th – 27th July


VI weekend: 28th and 29st august




0th weekend:            11th and 12th July                  Saturday and Sunday


I weekend: 18th – 21st September


II weekend: 16th – 19th October


III weekend: 13th – 16th November


IV weekend: 11th – 14th December


V weekend: 5th – 8th February


VI weekend: 4th and 5th March


Few more explanations:


– You do not need to be psychologist to attend the course and if you are one this could expand your toolbox for working with patients – You can participate in this course for yourself (to find the answer and solutions for your own issues)


– You can participate in this course to build your own successful clinical hypnotherapy practice









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download the brochure

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and NLP Training Brochure



“Graduates are eligible for AHA professional membership subject to meeting aha membership requirements”

to read more about he AHA Australian Hypnotherapist Association,

follow this link 















furthermore this training is also recognised by the ASCH Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists





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