Being the best you can be and succeeding in your objectives, letting go of what stops you to succeed and add what is needed

The feeling that there is no sunshine anymore and not having the energy to change your mood

The feeling of not being able to stop thinking about what could happen and having that anxiousness in your body 

My passion is to help you to achieve your objectives

Let's go to thriving 

Achieve your goals or

 overcome your issue(s) 

with hypnotherapy or the unique 3 Brains Coaching

it is my specialisation


Stop drinking
Stop drinking, when your alcohol consumption is out of control, and has now become an addiction we help you.
Weight loss
Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking
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Relationship issues
Addictions & Drugs
We help stop using drugs with the purpose to address the underpinning issues that kept you doing that up to now. We deal with whatever sits with the drugs “rituals” and give you something to replace them with.
Stop using drugs with hypnosis, it is the healthy and extremely successful solution.
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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You don't have to be sick

to get better

Why not

bring out the best version of yourself?

Just make the first step book a

30 minutes free consultation

Love to see you and let you thrive

“ I came to Christoffel with a baggage of 60 years of misery, had anxiety, depression and a lot more.

After one session for the first time in more than a decade I didn’t want to die and thought how life would like in 10 years, after the other session I learned the skills to live my own life.

And now after 4 sessions I have MY life back, I’m happy and embracing life as I never did before.”


Perth Enterprise Centre

18 Stirling Street  Perth  CBD


Av. de Camilo José Cela 15A
Madrid 28028

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